About Us

Everybody loves beautiful straight, shiny, stainless on their flawless restoration. Nothing makes our classics stand out more than all that trim. That’s why it’s there- to make the car pop! My father, Fair Preston, started this business back in the 80’s for a love of all things shiny. At first he only did his own trim, then some for friends and later for folks all around the country. Everyone loved his work. Little by little he taught me and after he retired, I “retired” from the auto body and paint business and decided to give my full attention to Stainless Trim Works.  



 Over the years I have refined my process. Twenty years in auto body experience has paid off tremendously in understanding this thin delicate metal trim. It is very rare that I come across a piece I can’t straighten. It gives me satisfaction to finish a piece no one else will touch. And then to see the amazed look on my customer’s face.

This is still a family business as my wife, Heather, has been instrumental in answering the phone, talking to customers, doing books, designing logos, running errands and most of all giving me inspiration.  Dad has since passed on to that great junk yard in the sky, so mom has taken over the corporate duties.  Heather, up in the front office says we better get back to work, so me and the floor crew are gonna go make some stuff shiny and pretty again.

Examine your trim

Clean with soap and water.  Hold your trim piece up to the light indoors.  Look down the length, examine the edges, do you see the ripples and small dents?  When polished these imperfections will show.  When you see a restoration with perfectly straight and polished stainless, the whole thing just pops up and jumps out at you.  This is because the look of the vehicle flows, the straight body and shiny paint along with the restored trim all compliment each other.  The investment is worth it.  It’s not enough to just shine up the stainless, it should be restored by a competent patient professional.

Stainless Trim Repair



Stainless trim repair is an art form that requires countless hours of practice.  To achieve show quality results you really need to know what your doing.  We often repair pieces that others, even professionals have attempted and weren’t able to shape right.  Twenty years of professional auto body experience has helped me understand how to shape this metal, and just as many years of painting has helped me to see when the polish is right.

If your interested in doing your own trim polishing, I would suggest getting some instruction first.  Certainly do not take a hammer to anything, as this can make matters worse.  Many people have taken our instruction clinic and learned how to do and practice the basics of trim repair.  Before taking matters into your own hands, seek out some guidance.  Reading about it can help but if your starting from scratch you need some one on one instruction.