My Process

Getting from here              To here


Restoring Classic auto moldings is an art form, so many hours of learning, and refining my process. Metal finishing skills have been adapted to accommodate the thin stainless steel moldings. Small hammers and fabricated tools to make the metal move without stretching, but just a little bit at a time! Patience and thoughtfulness is required as well.


Trim pieces to be restored are thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, I like to use a grey scotch bright pad     


Looking for crooked areas by sighting down lengthwise, noting the dents and imperfections.

Roughing out

Bent and crooked areas are straightened before any dent removal is done.


Metal finishing

The dents are removed by hammer and file.  A scaled down version of metal finishing is utilized , as the piece is straightened a very thin layer of the surface is shaved.  This results in a perfectly shaped molding.

Sanding and polishing  

The piece is sanded to 1000 grit fine before it is ready for polish.

Polish and Buffing is done with a low/high speed Baldor polisher.